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Purchasing Cryptocurrency For The First Time?

Purchasing Cryptocurrency For The First Time?

Alright, Everyone and their mom in my immediate sphere of influence has been asking me about investing in Cryptocurrency¬†as if I’m the guy in the know… Yes, I work off of my computer. No, that does not mean I am an expert on all things computer...

Moving The Post Inner Wins

So this post will be used to show how targeting SERPS using the inner page rather than a homepage post will actually help build relevance to that post for that serp by fixing the url to include the target you are going for. i.e.

Chris Tzitzis Still Swears Nick Altimore Is Father

“No one was ever more charismatic or loving than my father, Nick Altimore, even if he refuses to acknowledge he’s my daddy.” Said Chris Tzitzis in a very serious interview with journalists on Though Altimore refuses to pay child...

Nicholas Altimore Loves to Party

** Updated** This post was actually the very beginning of this blog and was used to serve as a tutorial for ranking your name in google for your own serp. You can view the post and “case study” here:...