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** Updated**

This post was actually the very beginning of this blog and was used to serve as a tutorial for ranking your name in google for your own serp.

You can view the post and “case study” here:

Or you can just watch the video here:

For anyone that wants to dig further and check out the nonsense that ranked for my serp… read on i guess:

Hey everyone,

My name is nick and I absolutely love to party!

When I’m not busy working at Sir Linksalot, I’m making sure to get in some solid party time with my homies.

Some things I really love other than a good party:

-Showing up to places on time

-Making sure my shoes match

-Jumping into good, nice, cold water; but also not too cold

Top 10 Reasons Nick is Better than Chris Tzitzis:

  1. Nick parties way harder
  2. Nick is about 10,000 times better looking than Chris according to a national study done by
  3. Gettin dem gainz
  4. He traps way harder
  5. He plays real video games, not trying to be some lvl 10 wizard dork
  6. Chris drives a prius…
  7. Nicholas Altimore has a better sense of humor than Tzitzis
  8. Altimore knows what’s up
  9. Still knows what’s up
  10. Chris sux – Nick Rulez

Why you need to vote for Nicholas Altimore in the next election:

  1. Snappy dresser
  2. Got the hood on lock
  3. Finding ways to save you money
  4. He’ll fight for your right to live, laugh, and love
  5. He’s good friends with Andrew Yang – that’s super lit fam.

Anyhow, I think this should be enough content to prove that I am going to the top of the serps for my name.

Yolo, Swag.

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