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“No one was ever more charismatic or loving than my father, Nick Altimore, even if he refuses to acknowledge he’s my daddy.” Said Chris Tzitzis in a very serious interview with journalists on

Though Altimore refuses to pay child support, Tzitzis still swears that Nicholas Altimore is in fact his father. DNA testing still has not concluded weather or not the lineage is there, but from the looks of it, Nick is probably Chris’ Daddy.

“If nothing else, then at least I hope that he knows I love him a lot and have always looked up to him in every way. I hope when I grow up I make him proud. I love you dad.” Said Chris… Nicks child.

It was a tear-jerking event listening to a grown man cry like a baby when speaking about what a wonderful person his “daddy” was. Something teeter-tottering a fine line between pathetic and almost heroic.

Scotch empties the cup in his hand and he looks longingly off into the distance.

“If my pappy just knew how special I was I bet he’d love me” he thought.